Curren$y continues to shatter the lazy pothead stereotype by performing 2 shows on 4.20. Shows looked dope!

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Only in Cali, lol…

Campus police at the University of California at Santa Cruz confiscated the over 2 pound joint at the annual smoke-out. A crowd of a couple thousand had gathered to celebrate weed.

But the celebrating was cut short for the guy wearing the “keep Santa Cruz stoned” T-shirt.

Police say he was about to open up a booth offering tokes off the monster joint, when they confiscated it.

So did the kid with the giant joint actually end up in the joint?”

Police say they walked 25-year-old Gennady Tsarinsky away from the crowd before arresting him to avoid causing a scene.

“Oh dude, we’re going to court. We’re totally going to court.”

He’s totally going to court all right, on a misdemeanor citation for possession of more than an ounce of Marijuana.


Source: KLTV

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A lot of weed smoke, a lot of rambling, and somewhere in here an announcement about their long awaited collabo project, Live in Concert, dropping on 4/20.

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weedy arrested

Yup! You guessed right. Weedy was arrested for possesion of 5 pounds of weed. He got jammed up when a package sent from Oakland that got the cops attention was sent to (his?) crib. He is one of 5 people arrested. Lets hope their names aren’t Kushy, Mary Jane, Smokey, or any of the like.

To make things worse, when they arrested Weedy, he had a handgun and his two children in the car.

Chad Clark, head of the Sheriff’s Special Investigations Division, said Weedy and his accomplices apparently came to Chalmette to set up a high-grade marijuana shop.

“This was the type of organization that could have disrupted this entire community,’’ Clark said. “Now it is up to the judges and prosecutors to put them in prison.’’

Gotta laugh at this. “Disrupt an entire community”? I’m sure they guy is no angel but man…

Weedy was booked with possession with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm while in possession of the marijuana and possession of a controlled, dangerous substance in the presence of juveniles.

Smarten up Weedy.

Source: Nola Defender

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“Next thing you know stoners are gonna demand the right to marry their mary jane. You may smoke the bride!”

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universal music group weed lawsuit

Weed being smoked is not an uncommon thing on the west coast. Weed being smoked in the offices of record labels around the world is not an uncommon thing. Someone should have told that to the 41 year old Black woman who was hired as security for the offices in 2010. After complaints about weed to higher-ups got ignored she had an minor incident with T.I.’s bodyguards which got her suspended..aka fired.

Lawsuit time!!

The suing security guard says she repeatedly objected to superiors, but the building’s management “turned a blind eye,” adopting an “anything goes” philosophy. She says she personally witnessed drug use or drug paraphernalia by Macy Gray, guests of Jamie Foxx, MC Ren, rapper T.I.’s entourage and heard about drug use when Adam Levine visited. She also alleges that UMPG executives participated in the raucous behavior.

I’m not happy about the woman losing her job but this seems like a clear case of her not knowing her place. If your offended by the weed smoke and “raucous behavior” why didn’t she quit? If you know your superiors condoned this why didn’t you quit? Why wait until they are tired of your bullshit and fire you to sue?

She’s seeking protection under California’s whistle-blowing statute and alleging discrimination, retaliation, being subject to unsafe work conditions, harassment, infliction of emotional distress and more. She is demanding an unspecified amount of lost and future earnings, medical bills and general and punitive damages.

Lady please. Get your unemployment and get on with your life.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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rasta snoop weed


We’re getting close to the release of the Snoop “Lion” project and its looking pretty decent. The latest leak is a new track called “Astrays and Heartbreaks” featuring our favorite Disney star turned bad gal stoner Miley Cyrus. Check it out and let us know what you think.


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smoking marijuana new jersey

I wish this was an April Fool’s post but..nope! Three dumbasses who couldn’t wait 10 minutes to smoke decided to light up while waiting in a police station parking lot while a friend was picking up paperwork for a impounded car. All four were charged with drug possession.

Smarten up fellas.

Source: NYDN

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2chainz arrested weed

2 Chainz was hit with the rap tax in Maryland last week when his van was pulled over by state troopers. Cops say he was in possession of Marijuana. There were 6 other people in the van and while I wasn’t there to confirm I can say with CERTAINTY that one of the other 6 passengers was ready to take the possession charge.

But, no, 2 Chainz was the only one arrested.

On twitter 2 Chainz claimed he was wasn’t in possession of weed, but a weed grinder. If thats true this is some REAL bullshit.

The funniest part of the story? Police asked 2 Chainz to take a picture with them. Evidence above.

The whole incident reeks of fuckery. Are rappers going to have to start bringing a lawyer as part of their road entourage? Seems like it might be coming to that.

Source: TMZ/HMJ

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